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here we focus mainly on a archive of  Tekno mp3 sets.
Mp3s in the archive are usually uploaded to the FTP
by me Bodlina Jaryn23 and J3nda,
and reuploads from dead server 
We want to build archive of high quality MP3 interesting sets of underground scene.
Now we store up to   830GB   of Tekno mp3.   
 For easy orientation in archive we use directory structure.
The archive is create for your pleasure, but you are also supposed to participate on its creation. :-). Please if you find out some defect, like duplicate files or any other issue, please do not hesitate and contact us on our email address
Primary, the archive compose of 23 :-) free music, if you find your own music, that is protected by copyright law or you just do not want to share it this way, please contact us on above mentioned email address, we will delete your file from archive.
As I have said above, you are welcome to participate on creation of the web. If you have any music files, that you would like to share with people, please send us an email, and you will recive a login and password for uploading files. Also we need people, who are able to help us with sorting and administrating the archive, in this case please contact us
~ email:

thx && enjoy.

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[SND]Acid Shot Phil Back D.mp31-Aug-2015 00:276.59 MB 
[SND]Flanger Tekos - Phil Back D (Unfinished).mp31-Aug-2015 00:274.78 MB 
[SND]Live Tekno - Phil Back D.mp31-Aug-2015 00:276.36 MB 
[SND]Luciferian Tribe Phil Back D.mp31-Aug-2015 00:274.55 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D & Speedfolter - Digitised Acid.mp31-Aug-2015 00:2712.26 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - 303 Vs 909.mp31-Aug-2015 00:277.18 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Alleee.mp31-Aug-2015 00:277.66 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Brain fucker.mp31-Aug-2015 00:274.79 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Brutal Tekno.mp31-Aug-2015 00:273.56 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Ca Bog.mp31-Aug-2015 00:275.62 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Ca Gallope.mp31-Aug-2015 00:274.97 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Early Bird.mp31-Aug-2015 00:275.17 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Hatecore.mp31-Aug-2015 00:274.6 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Live Mentalcore.mp31-Aug-2015 00:274.43 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - M2s.mp31-Aug-2015 00:274.54 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Menace To Society.mp31-Aug-2015 00:276.51 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Mental Disorder.mp31-Aug-2015 00:274.33 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Modular System.mp31-Aug-2015 00:278.96 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Overdrive.mp31-Aug-2015 00:274.33 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Space Shit.mp31-Aug-2015 00:275.51 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Speedfolter - Digitised Acid.mp31-Aug-2015 00:277.36 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Spekulazion.mp31-Aug-2015 00:275.89 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Tekno 23.mp31-Aug-2015 00:275.13 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Tekno Bullshit.mp31-Aug-2015 00:275.83 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Terror.mp31-Aug-2015 00:272.99 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Verses of Doom.mp31-Aug-2015 00:276.33 MB 
[SND]Phil Back D - Zombie trip.mp31-Aug-2015 00:276.53 MB 
[SND]Rabbit Phil Back DD Frenchized.mp31-Aug-2015 00:274.81 MB 
[SND]Untilted Phil Back D - Industrial.mp31-Aug-2015 00:275.28 MB 

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